Spread the Word about Your Charity with a Newsletter

The best way to spread the message about your non-profit organization is to put out a newsletter. However, do not rush and end up putting out a really bad one.

Keep in mind that when you send out a newsletter, it will represent your organization. So it needs to look great and have no mistakes at all. It can be an inexpensive newsletter that contains material printed on either side or a pricey, glossy six pager. It all depends on your budget. It would help to speak to a known printer and work out a deal in exchange for free publicity. With regards to writing, look around your office, there might be someone who writes really well and will be able to help out.

What do you put in your newsletter?

Pictures should make up a larger percentage of your newsletter. Not only will they make the newsletter look great, it is also a great way of showing donors how their money was spent, encouraging them to invest in your organization more. Ensure that you get great pictures at all charity events hosted by you.

Use your newsletter as a vehicle to convey your organization’s core activities and values. If your newsletter is well presented, it will be great for bringing in new donors and even securing the ones you have.

“This Month…”

You can use your newsletter to publicize upcoming events. Even a section that mimics the regular classifieds is a great way to get things started. You can use it to advertise what you need from the public (old clothes, phones, etc.) or even to target donations you cannot use.