Donate Your Old Phones for Charity and the Environment

Most people have one or more mobile phones they are not using and you are probably just like one of them. These phones might be of no use to you, but, do not throw it away. Instead, consider donating it. Not only will you be helping the environment by recycling, but this could also mean helping out a charity. There are quite a few retailers, such as Staples that accept old phone donations. Direct donations are also possible via certain charity programs.

It is absolutely important that before you donate your old phone, that, you erase every single bit of private information saved on it. You also need to ensure that your service has been disconnected.

An example of a charity phone donation program is the American Red Cross Armed Forces Emergency Services Fund which racked up a grand total of $400,000 through Nextel’s ‘Donate a phone’ program. Every phone recycled through this program is equal to a $1.50 cash contribution towards the American Red Cross. Though the individual donations might seem a bit small, the cumulative figure is quite substantial.

If you already have a Sprint Nextel account, then you too can take part in the ‘Donate a phone’ program. The donation you can make by contributing a phone to a cause depends on how much you paid for the phone and the period of usage. Once you donate your old phone, Sprint Nextel sends you a tax certificate to validate your contribution. Another phone donation program by Sprint is the ‘Sprint Nextel’s Buyback’ program which involves recycling old phones.