The Benefits of Meditation

Find out how to control and reduce stress symptoms through various relaxation techniques and enjoy a happier, better life.
Relaxation methods are an important part of stress management and should be incorporated into your daily routine. Whether it means listening to Osho meditation music while driving your car, doing yoga in your living room or getting a massage at a day spa, it is important to find a relaxation technique that works for you and reduces the damage on your mind and body caused by stress.

Learning how to control and reduce stress symptoms through various relaxation techniques has incredible health benefits. According to the Mayo Clinic, practicing relaxation techniques (whether Osho Dynamic Meditation or another technique) can reduce stress symptoms by slowing your heart rate, lowering your blood pressure and slowing your breathing rate.

Relaxation techniques are also beneficial for people with muscle tension or chronic pain. Practicing yoga or listening to a soothing Osho discourse CD can reduce muscle tension and eliminate chronic pain. Practicing relaxation techniques can also benefit athletes or people recovering from injury because it increases blood flow to your major muscles.

As you reduce daily stress and find inner peace, you will find that relationships and daily struggles are much easier to handle. For example, practicing relaxation techniques improves overall work or school performance. This is because it improves concentration and boosts your ability to handle complex problems. Practicing relaxation techniques -whether watching Tantra DVDs, meditating or doing Tai Chi — also helps reduce anger and frustration.

While it doesn’t matter which type of relaxation method you choose to practice, it is important to focus your attention on something soothing and increase awareness of your body. Common relaxation techniques include yoga, Tai chi, listening to music, exercising, meditation, hypnosis and massage. For more information on popular relaxation techniques practiced by Osho Sannyasins, please visit