The Ego and the Mind

Osho Sannyas understand that the constructs of modern society can create blockages which stop people from reaching inner enlightenment. Learn more about how meditation can help people find inner peace.

The teachings of the famous Indian mystic and spiritual guide Osho have helped thousands of disciples (known as Osho Sannyas) find inner peace and happiness. Even after his death, the lessons and wisdom of Osho ring true through the countless books, DVDs and audio recording that he left behind, detailing the path to spiritual enlightenment and true joy. One of the fundamentals of Osho’s teachings involves the relationship between the ego and the mind.

According to Osho, every person has the potential to become as enlightened as Buddha. However, as detailed in various tantra books), the ego that every person has is the major obstacle to reaching this heightened state of consciousness. The Osho believed that in his purest sense, man would gravitate to inner enlightenment. However, individuals typical have their paths to enlightenment blocked by the social constructs and illusions of the modern world – the “ego” that people build up around themselves.

One of the ways that people can break through their ego and connect their minds to the inner truths is through Osho meditations). Through meditation, Sannyas have their minds lifted past the constraints of each individual’s ego and to a place of higher consciousness. Osho recommended that followers practice meditation on a regular basis, alternating between minutes of activity (including screaming, jumping or running around) and moments of total and complete silence and reflection.

If you are interested in learning more about the teachings and beliefs of Osho and his followers, a great place to start is with the OSHO Dynamic Meditation. It is the first and most well-known of his different meditation techniques and is an outstanding first step for people as they begin their journey. Osho meditation music) can help novices to achieve a blank state of calmness by focusing their attention away from their ego and towards the achievement of inner peace.