Understanding “Osho sannyas”

Perhaps one of the most remarkable statements that anyone would have heard from a spiritual teacher (in this case, Osho) was that he never lost any sleep despite the way the world misunderstood him. Yes, this is literally one of his lesser known quotes that are a little different from the Tantra books that have found acceptance from people all over the world after he left us not so long ago.

Right off the bat, when one makes an attempt to understand Osho and his teachings, one thing is certain – he didn’t intend to invent another religion but sought to use the wisdom of both the East and the West for the benefit of humans from every part of the world.

And profit they have – whether it is the most popular Osho dynamic meditation method or even the various discourses that he wrote now and again.

And since his apparent distaste for religious authorities, political leaders and so on and so forth was rather obvious to all, Osho wasn’t necessarily the most loved but what most of his teachings today form the basis for the spiritual teachings now known as “New Age Religion”.

And there is no doubt that almost every person who has taken up the proverbial osho sannyas (as opposed to the conventional Hindu sannyas) has benefited immensely from his teachings, and will remain forever touched for the rest of their lives.

It’s only when you read what Osho stood for, it is only then that you will truly understand Osho.