What You Need to Know About Car Donations

Perhaps you are buying a new car and cannot figure out how to get rid of your old one. Here is an idea. Why not donate it to charity? It is a very generous move, and could help out a fair amount of people. Donating your car is a big move and can involve a lot of questions. Here are the most common questions answered:

What kind of car can I donate?
You can donate anything from trucks, cars, boats, motorcycles to anything. Every charity will have its own set of rules, so it would do well to find out what kind of vehicles they accept.

Can I still donate my car if it failed the emission test?
Yes, you still can. Any donation is appreciated. If it did fail the emission test, then once donated, the car can be repaired. Most organizations will come forward to bear the cost of the repairs.

What kind of documentation is needed to make a donation of my vehicle?
You need to ensure that your vehicle has a clear title. If this cannot be found, then any other official DMC paperwork is accepted. All you need to be able to prove is that you are the legal owner of the car.

Am I required to drop the vehicle off to my chosen charity?
This depends on the charity you choose to donate your vehicle to. Each charity has its own procedures with regards to the method of picking up the donated vehicle. Most organizations will volunteer to tow your vehicle. It is at this time that you are expected to hand over all related documents and the keys to the vehicle.