Campaign for your Charity

A charity can be a lifesaver, but it all depends on the kindness of others. Currently, charities across America are facing the same problem – Funding. The recession has hit hard in a lot of industries, but people do not realize that charities are one of the hardest hit of all. Without the help of charities many people who cannot afford medical care and other services have been left in the lurch.

Part of the problem is the growing number of charities. Every year, an estimated one million non-profit organizations apply for 501©3 status. While all of them may have good intentions in mind, it does divide the metaphorical pie into ever so small pieces. When you consider that these days the pie isn’t really very big to start off with, you can begin to see the problem.

The other part of the problem is that people simply do not have money that they can give away. Although big donors like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates etc., do giveaway a lot of money to charity, it is simply not enough to cover all worthy causes. If each person in the United States could give $5 a month it would solve a lot of problems.

This is why you should get out and start campaigning for your favorite charity. Getting a few dollars out of your neighbors is not a big deal. Even in times of hardship people somehow find a way to give. So get out there and do your best, because you may be saving somebody’s life!