Politics and charitable donations

With the Presidential Election is in full swing there are many organizations eyeing for your dollars.  Candidates, their political parties and Super PACs are constantly contacting prospective donors.

The Federal Election Commission recently approved a program to donate your airline miles from an airline or credit card to a preferred candidate.  The Federal authorities are also considering a request from charitable organizations including Repledge.com to cancel each other party donations and direct donation dollars to charity instead.  For an example let say that there are two people who want to contribute different amounts to Democrats and Republican candidate.  One wish to donate $50,000 and the other want to donate $75,000 to the opposing party.  If the charitable cause request approved, the charity will get $100,000 and the remaining $25,000 will go to the opposing candidate.  This will allow your donation to be better spent for the cause rather than comingled with other competing views.

If you like a candidates stand on an issue but concern about other aspects, instead of giving to the candidate or a Super PAC, consider donating to a charity that represent your cause.  As an example you can either donate to the Planned Parenthood or Pro-Life Alliance instead of giving to a Presidential candidate.