Kars4Kids is a nationwide vehicle donation charity that mainly dealing with Jewish children related issues. Established in 2000, the charity is headquartered in Lakewood, New Jersey and operates in 49 states in the U.S. Their Web site claims that they have helped more than 5,130 kids to date this year and over 250,000 kids over a decade. Those kids had a 92 percent graduation rate. They also provide 11 unique programs for kids. They accept all forms of vehicles, boats, and RVs in any condition and with free local towing. It is easy to donate to Kars4Kids. You can fill out an online form which takes couple of minutes and the charity will call within 24 hours to arrange a pick up time, according to the Web site. At the time of the pickup you will be receiving a receipt for your donation which can be used to get a tax deduction for your donation when you file your tax return. Additionally, you will be receiving a voucher for a vacation, according to the Web site.

According to the Web site, Kars4Kids exclusively help Jewish kids who are in need of assistance. The charity provides education assistance, pair youth with mentors and intend to build future leaders.