Start a Children’s Charity

Starting a children’s charity is not an easy undertaking and calls for dedication, determination and hard work. You would need to take the following steps to establish the organization. You need to carefully consider every aspect and follow all the rules.

Step 1 – determine the type of charity you want to create. If it is a charitable, non profit, it will then require specific paperwork and legal representation, and also accountable for reporting earnings and expenditures.

Step 2 – clearly define the purpose and mission of the charity. Start working on getting funding and volunteers.

Step 3 – draft the Articles of Incorporation. This document requires your charity to provide information on name, purpose, structure and other facts.

Step 4 – create bylaws for the charity, defining how it will operate, how decisions will be made and by who, etc.

Step 5 – file for non-profit status on the state level.

Step 6 – you need to apply for a Federal Employer Identification Number. This is used by the IRS to identify your organization.

Step 7 – file for IRS recognition. To enjoy non-profit status and benefits you must have the Articles of Incorporation and bylaws in place. State acceptance of your non profit is also necessary.

Step 8 – you need to appoint or elect a board. Every non profit charity needs to have a board of directors to oversee operations.

When setting up a children’s charity might it is recommended that legal guidance by sought and relied upon during the entire process.